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Proposal Writing
Proposal Writing
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Priyanka Negi
Digital Marketing Team Associate

Hi there, why not take a look at our article "How to Write Proposals on Projects addressing Climate Change33" for some great ideas. In this article, we are presenting some useful information on how to write an effective... (More)

Proposals are lengthy documents with various components, comprising of the background information, current situation analysis and the future projections. NGOs are expected to write every part of the proposal carefully with in-depth research, knowledge and detailed planning.

In this free... (More)

Grants and Resources for Sustainability

You can go through the following weblink and also keep a close watch on its future postings for any related grant for Epilepsy and marginalized groups in Ethiopia.


Akshita Kandari
Digital Marketing Team Associate

Yes, experts suggest that NGOs can approach and seek support from the donors through Unsolicited Proposal. Many times, while writing proposals you might have come across the statement that "foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals" and due to... (More)