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Project Management
Project Management
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Research and Development is considered as the most important part of any activity, being either a part of a project or in general as a part of the organization. Research helps a person understand the viability of a hypothesis generated... (More)

For any enterprise established at the local level or at the national level, it is essential to understand the market and the customers. To discover potential customers and understand the needs of existing customers set achievable targets for business growth... (More)

A Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) can be defined as a document providing an approach describing all the required activities that are essential to complete a task in accordance with the regulatory aspects, in a standard way or according to the... (More)

Grants and Resources for Sustainability

Only NGOs that perform well are likely to survive and grow in the long term. Organisation’s that fail to manage themselves appropriately, struggle to achieve their mission and find it difficult to create real change are likely to ultimately found... (More)