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What is the goal of Lead2030 Challenge?

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Priyanka Negi
Digital Marketing Team Associate

Formed by One Young World, Lead 2030 Challenge is the world's biggest prize fund for young leaders making an impact for the Sustainable Development Goals. It was created to address the funding gap for young people working towards progress on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

What is the goal of Lead2030 Challenge?

Lead2030 is powered by some of the world’s leading businesses. Since 2018, Lead2030 Challenge Partners have committed over £1,000,000 to accelerate SDG solutions.

But even more valuable than this, each Challenge Partner supports their winner’s journey with a package of expert advice and guidance drawn from across their global operations.

Young leaders making an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals can apply and benefit from this Lead2030 Challenge.

The latest Lead2030 Challenges sourced 2,200+ SDG solutions from more than 140 countries. The Lead2030 Challenge Winners will receive $50,000 in addition to 12 months of executive mentorship from their Challenge Partner to help amplify their impact as they tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues.

For Now, One Young World and Novartis have teamed up to provide a Lead2030 Challenge for SDG155.

If you have an idea for how to protect, restore & promote sustainable use of land, apply to win $50,000, a year of mentorship, and a place at One Young World Summit 2021, visit here5.