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Is fundsforNGOs a donor agency? Does it provide grants to NGOs?

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fundsforNGOs30 is not a donor agency, nor it is associated with any grant-making organization. It is not even an NGO, and it is not supported by any donor agency. 

fundsforNGOs does not offer grants or money or any type of financial support. It only offers grant information and resource materials on how to apply for these grants.

fundsforNGOs offers a free service and a paid service. Both the services have been developed to provide grant information to NGOs in different ways. Using our free or paid service will not help you get grants. If you make a payment to us, you will only receive digital information about upcoming grants and funds available from third-party donors and resource materials such as articles, online videos, webinars, databases etc on how to apply for these grants. 

You will not receive direct or indirect grants from us if you make a payment to us or purchase our membership service. In fact, any person or agency approaches you and claims to make or arrange a grant for you against payment of money for any kind of membership or processing work, don't believe it! It is a fraud carried out to cheat you and steal money from you. Don't pay your hard-earned money with the hope of getting a grant.

fundsforNGOs is a web-based company offering content services to NGOs and development professionals around the world. Content services include providing online information about the latest grants, how-to guides, news, proposals and other relevant resources. Based on the concept of a social enterprise, fundsforNGOs offers these services on a freemium model. This means it has both free and paid services. The paid premium services help cover our expenses and continue providing free services in a sustainable manner.

fundsforNGOs started its journey as a simple blog in the year 2008, but owing to the high demand and interest from its web visitors around the world, the blog transformed into a company with offices in the United States, India and Nepal. It has an extensive presence across the Internet and is a popular brand amongst NGOs seeking funds.

As a Company, fundsforNGOs cannot offer grant funding to NGOs. However, it believes that providing useful and timely information can help NGOs identify funding resources and access them. There is a long process involved in this, and small NGOs do not have the skills to manage it. fundsforNGOs helps these NGOs in successfully going through this process and achieve fundraising success.

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