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How do I create Communications Plan for my NGO?

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A communications plan is necessary to help an NGO effectively promote its work in the public and donors eyes.

Creating a communications plan is not a herculean task. However, it requires brainstorming of around three or four hours.

How do I create Communications Plan for my NGO?

It is best to choose a team member to lead a communications plan workshop. This person should ideally be someone who is committed fully to the organization’s communications, public relations, or marketing duties.

From there, you can work through the elements of a communications plan listed below. This process should be as interactive as possible. Include flipcharts and post-it notes, so everyone has a say in what goes into the program. 

The best idea is to work as a group effort, and all levels of the organization should be represented, including the executive team. Those must regularly communicate to external groups be present at the workshop.

Once you have filled out the elements listed in this guide, the lead staff member should compile the information and create a multi-page document that can be accessed and referred to by all members of your team.

Before you create your communications plan, there are a few considerations to take into account. Read more32

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