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Which teams must be included in a concept note preparation process?

In order to prepare a successful concept note, adequate and careful planning needs to be done by several teams in an NGO. Ideally, you must involve different team members, including the program team, technical resources, monitoring and evaluation team (M&E), finance team and also others as needed. You may also need to take into account inputs from your key stakeholders and experts working in the field, also the beneficiaries, local communities or the target groups. To manage the concept note development process in an efficient manner, you can create a RACI matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) to be clear around the responsibilities. In addition, one appointed person as ‘Point of Contact’ must be given the coordination responsibility to make sure every team member is apprised of their role and sticks to the agreed timelines and deliverables. This person must also manage the communication with the donor as and when needed.

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