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What should be the writing style of a concept note? Any tips around formatting?

Your concept note must be simple, clear and concise. It must not be overwhelming for the donor with loads of details, but at the same time, it must display clarity and coherence in the idea and all the sections. Use technical language when needed, but avoid using complicated language and jargon. The language must be easily understood by the person reading your concept note.

Pay attention to detail as this concept note is going to create your first impression in the donor’s mind. Make sure you follow the same format throughout the concept note document. The font type and size must be clear and easy to read. Margins must be consistent. Number the pages to make it look clearer and easy to reference and navigate. Check the formatting and proofread it at least twice. Have the first page a ‘Title Page’. Create a table of content on the page after the title page and the lists of tables/ figures if applicable. You should also get it proofread by 1-2 members of your team.

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