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What are the key elements of a concept note?

A concept note must cover the following key elements:

It must convince the donor that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Second, it must describe the solution for the problem that you are proposing. Lastly, your concept note needs to demonstrate your ability and credibility as an organization to solve this particular problem by implementing your solution. The structure and templates for a concept note must ensure these three basic elements are covered in it.

To this end, in your concept note, you need to articulate a program goal that will be addressing the defined problem. The objectives derive from this larger goal and must be more specific, clear, measurable, and time-bound. Next, you need to give the donor a quick overview of the program strategies your program will use to implement the activities and to attain the objectives and goals you have specified. This can ideally be a summary (in tabular format or a list) in short, clear and concise language. And lastly, the expected outputs (measurable, quantifiable, derived from the objectives), outcomes and impact (long-term, derived from goal) of the program, when implemented under the described conditions.

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