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What are the contents of a concept note?

Here is a brief template with section and subsection headings that one can use for preparing a concept note if a template is not already provided by the donor. The outline can vary depending on the type of opportunity, type of format or template, type of the project to be described, and so on, and this is a general outline that may be used as it is or by picking the most relevant points:

  1. Title of the project;
  2. Project or Program Summary;
  3. Organization Profile;
  4. Background or Problem Statement;
  5. Beneficiary and geographical information and insights;
  6. Program Goals and Objectives;
  7. Program Strategies and Activities;
  8. Expected outputs, outcomes and impact;
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan;
  10. Budget and financial information (only if asked by the donor organization);
  11. Other relevant information to make your concept note stand out.
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