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What are the areas of USAID funding and how and where can I find the USAID funding opportunities?

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) releases a wide range of federal grant opportunities for the developing nations with the aim of furthering its objectives of saving lives, reducing poverty, strengthening democratic governance and progress; by means of humanitarian assistance and international development efforts. USAID works in over 100 countries in the areas of – Promoting Global Health, Supporting Global Stability, Providing Humanitarian Assistance, Catalyzing Innovation and Partnerships, and Empowering Women and Girls.

Non-profit organizations in and outside of the US and even local and state governments in the US can apply for the funding. The grant awards are given in a highly competitive manner and understanding the eligibility and capacity of your organization must be the first step towards preparing yourself in pursuit of a USAID funding opportunity. You may choose to apply for any of the several types of funding that USAID offers: You may respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP), apply for the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI), or submit a proposal for various theme/ project based grant and partnership opportunities, or even submit an unsolicited proposal to the USAID. These funding opportunities are posted daily on and You might like to read more information available on this link:

Quick Tip: Use Funds for NGO portal for identifying various upcoming funding opportunities as and when they come up. You might also like to use USAID’s Business Forecast to have a glimpse of the latest opportunities, and from here you can download information about these opportunities and can even use filters and sort features to shortlist the ones of your interest.

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