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How to apply for USAID funding? Or in USAID terms- ‘What process does responding to a solicitation involve?’

USAID encourages a large number of applications and competition to ensure high-quality proposals and solutions. To this end, USAID issues solicitations and asks the organizations to respond to them. After this, the organizations whose response best meets the evaluation criteria outlined in the particular solicitation, get selected. However, this is not the end of the process. The various types of solicitations by USAID to assess your organizational capacities, select potential partners, and get a detailed understanding of the planned work are (Source: USAID):

The actual funding opportunity solicitations involve the following steps and aspects. Once funding is available and USAID is interested in offering funding to organizations in various domains, the USAID issues a ‘solicitation’. There are different types of solicitations:

Each of the above have separate application processes and guidelines. So it is important to read the solicitation thoroughly, conduct deep research and also get in touch with the previous USAID partners in the region and domain to understand the best practices, building on past successes and have samples to help you in your application process.

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