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My friend suggested me to use volunteers for fundraising. Do you really think it will work?

Yes, it will definitely work for you. Volunteers are passionate people who are contributing their time towards a cause. This makes them special. They like to associate with your organization because of their passion; now it is up to you how you channel and tap their energies. They can bring creative and innovative ideas to communicate impact, success stories and use as a fundraising pitch.

Volunteers become loyal donors also. In line with the principle of preach what you practice, good volunteers extend their support to your organization in multiple ways, including donations to the cause they support. This is because they know and understand what you do, they see and do the good work, and they want your mission to become successful.

As a non-profit organization, you might have come across many passionate individuals, ardent supporters and advocates for your cause, who have supported or continue to support your organization. These people devote their time, knowledge and passion for your cause as ‘volunteers’. Volunteers have been instrumental in achieving many organizational goals, by helping an organization do good for the underprivileged communities. You might have involved volunteers for various purposes, like documentation, end-user services, administrative or office work, field level trainings, etc.  

Here are some ways in which volunteers can help you in raising funds for your organization:

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