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Is it true that Human Resources are the biggest assets in an organization and can also help me with fundraising and donor engagement?

Yes, it is! Human resources are the lifeblood of any organization. It helps you search, recruit, and develop the fundraising talent for your organization to ensure long-term success in fundraising and donor engagement.

Here at fundsforNGOs, We have designed a new downloadable EBook, “Human Resource Development for NGOs to ensure Successful Fundraising” to provide you with a detailed overview of the importance of human resource management in an NGO.

Human resources are critical to the success of an organization’s fundraising efforts. This e-book is designed to offer insights, tools and templates to equip your organization to have good practices around how to onboard, train, and build a team of fundraisers, how to engage wider community and volunteers for fundraising, how to enable and support the board to develop strategic relationships with donors and develop an organizational culture to drive fundraising results and long-term sustainability.

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