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I want to strengthen my grant writing skills. Do you have any guide or toolkit to ease out the whole process?

Yes, indeed, we do have a brand new toolkit, developed by our professional Cheryl Hooper that will help you improve and develop your grant writing skills. Well, we understand that writing winning proposals takes time. It requires attention to detail, and it requires persistence and tenacity.

Therefore, with this toolkit, A Practical Toolkit on Successful Grant Writing Skills: A Workbook for Development Professionals, you will gain tips and skills that will help you to avoid mistakes, learn how to strengthen proposals and have greater understanding of what funders are looking for when you read questions posed in a Concept Note.

This workbook is simply designed as a first stage process for small NGOs with limited resources. It can be used by individuals or as part of a team exercise and is suitable for Executive Directors, Fundraisers and Programmes staff who also write funding proposals.

Please go through this comprehensive toolkit from Here. This will truly help you in strengthening your grant writing skills.

Thank You!

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