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I heard about some global competition that identifies and promotes rule of law in the time of unprecedented crisis, could you please provide me with more information about the same?

Yeah sure, The World Justice Project is encouraging for its ‘World Justice Challenge 2021: Advancing the Rule of Law in a Time of Crisis’ which is a global competition to identify, recognize, and promote good practices and high-impact projects and policies that protect and advance the rule of law in this time of unprecedented crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic strikes in the midst of a global rule of law crisis in which respect for key principles of good governance has been eroding in many countries for a number of years. These twin crises of public health and rule of law make this pandemic particularly dangerous.

Identifying and promoting good practices and promising approaches are essential to addressing the crisis’ underlying governance challenges, supporting an effective recovery process, and building back better rule of law based societies.

The Goal



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