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I have been following this forum from a while and do appreciate several helpful posts. Therefore, I would like to know more. So, can you provide me with the overview?

Hi There! Thank you very much for appreciating our work. We would keep up the good work in future as well.

Friend, fundsforNGOs has started this forum to help NGOs, Nonprofits and other Development Organizations facing unique challenges in attracting and maintaining resources for their programs. Through this forum, our experienced professionals try to solve several queries of NGOs and practitioners to help reduce fundraising barriers.

We realized that in this digitally growing times, there is a need for an interactive platform that establishes an interaction between our content and users. This allows them to have a more personalized experience beyond just browsing a website.

Well, this forum let you search to see whether your question has been asked before and also read and reply to other people’s questions and discussions. Here, you can ask questions from any field related to Grant Opportunities, Proposal Writing Tips, NGO Management, COVID-19 and News updates, CSR, Fraud against NGOs, and many more.

We have categorized this forum under several topics; NGO Fundraising, NGO Basics, NGO Management, Proposal Writing, Latest NGO News & Updates, Corporate Finances, Corporate Social Responsibility, Project Management, Fight Fraud against NGOs, Toolkits and Training, and Free Training Videos for NGOs.

You can also Like, Comment, Follow and Share questions that you feel can make a difference and help others in better understanding the whole fundraising process.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask anytime. We are here to help you.

I hope this information helps!

Good Luck

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