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I am someone who is interested to know some easy and simple tricks of writing Project Proposals. Kindly suggest a guide for the same!

Proposals are lengthy documents with various components, comprising of the background information, current situation analysis and the future projections. NGOs are expected to write every part of the proposal carefully with in-depth research, knowledge and detailed planning.

 In this free guide, we cover information about the various elements of a standard proposal to help NGOs apply for their grant funding.

  1. Cover Page;
  2. Table of Content;
  3. Executive Summary;
  4. Problem Statement;
  5. Project Description;
    • Goal,
    • Objectives,
    • Project Activities,
    • Project Results,
    • Project Timeline,
    • Monitoring and Evaluation,
    • Risk and Assumptions,
    • Sustainability,
    • Communication.
  6. Budget;
  7. Organization Profile.

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