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How to develop an NGO Annual Report that can also help raise Funds?

An Annual Report is a document drafted by NGOs to disseminate the results of all the activities designed and developed in the past twelve months. This report is important for three main reasons:

  1. The reports give the opportunity to share with your donors and the wider audience the achievements of your NGO
  2. The writing of the report enables the NGO members to critically engage with what has been done in order to set new goals and to develop new strategies for the future by drawing on past experience
  3. The report summarises what the NGO has been doing, thus it becomes a way to archive your activities and to create a database, which could be accessed by old and new members of the NGO and contributing to the writing of the history of the NGO

Apart from the archival character of this report, it is also important to consider that you can proactively engage with the writing of it as a way to further your fundraising activities. In fact, this report will give you the possibility to highlight the major achievements of your NGO thus increasing its potential to secure more funding. In fact, once your report is done you can disseminate its contents through your website and public profiles to give visibility to your organisation. Read More

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