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How can I make my application for ‘Global Health Corps Fellowship’ more competitive?

Hi there! Global Health Corps Fellowship has a simple process through which you can quickly develop an engaging application.

Friend, always remember before starting with your application, read the particular program and related website so that you can speak specifically about why you’re interested and how you plan to participate, as a fellow and an alum.

Second most important thing to remember: Apply for roles that align with your skills and experiences, and making those qualifications clear in your application and resume. Write compelling essays that show your authentic voice and perspective, similar to the pieces we post on our Medium blog, AMPLIFY.

Always start early so that you can reflect and revise! You can see the questions on our application preview before the application is even open. 

Do not hesitate in seeking advice from a mentor or trusted online source. For example, GHC alums have shared their own application process experiences and a checklist for making a competitive application.

To know more, Explore this Opportunity.

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