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Any funding to support COVID-19 Response efforts in Sahel?

Yes, indeed there is a generous funding support of €92 million from European Union to provide quality health care to the populations and reduce the economic and social impact of the pandemic in the Sahel Region.

These €92 million are part of our overall response and consist of €26 million for Burkina Faso, €12 million for Mauritania, €38 million for Niger and €16.92 million for Chad. 

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Besides this, under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF), the European Union has announced additional assistance of €22.6 million for five new programmes to foster stability and security in the Sahel and Lake Chad region.

The EUTF will also support the creation of a multi-purpose squadron of the Niger National Guard to enhance the security of the population and to stabilise the region.

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