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Who can join the Empower Fellowship?

The Empower Fellowship is for those who are interested in beginning their journeys of unlearning internalized messages about themselves and their communities, and it is for those interested in expanding their knowledge, understanding, and advocacy of groups outside their communities and identities.

It is for those interested in breaking down their barriers and becoming leaders. Those that join the Empower Fellowship are open-minded, critical and self-reflective, curious, community-orientated and interested in social justice, excited to use what they learn about themselves and about others to begin organizing, and willing to push themselves into what they call their “learning zones”, even if it means becoming uncomfortable and engaging with concepts you have never engaged with before.

Ultimately, having a background in social justice and organizing is not the most important thing, your willingness to learn and advocate for others is.

As with all their programs, the Empower Fellowship serves youth from the ages of 15-19.

You will be delighted to know that the applications are open for this fellowship.

The deadline for submitting the applications for the Empower Fellowship  is 6-Sep-21.

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