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Which grant supports Civil Society Organizations working for human rights in Indonesia?

UNDP is calling for proposals for an Innovative Approach to Improve Access to Remedies for Women and Indigenous Peoples.

The objective of the UNDP Business and Human Rights in Asia (B+HR Asia) programme is to promote the implementation of the UNGPs – in Indonesia and other countries in Asia – as a means to address adverse human rights and environmental impacts of Asian business operations.

Supported by the European Union (EU), B+HR Asia is programming in seven countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

UNDP Business and Human Rights in Asia project (B+HR Asia), in partnership with the EU, seeks to identify and support a Civil Society Organization (CSO) working with right holders, particularly women workers and/or Indigenous Peoples, impacted by the mining industry.

The deadline to submit applications for this program is 26-Jul-21.

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