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Which grant in Morocco focuses on Cultural Heritage Preservation?

The U.S. Embassy in Morocco is pleased to announce an open grant competition to award a cooperative agreement to organize a “TechCamp for Cultural Heritage Preservation.”

The Embassy’s Public Affairs Office invites proposals from established Moroccan associations, committed and organized civil-society organizations and academic institutions, to implement a hybrid program designed by the U.S. Embassy and the State Department TechCamp team, to include in-person and virtual activities around Cultural Preservation for Moroccan youth following the Department of State TechCamp model.

The interactive event will bring together 40 talented Moroccan civil society leaders and members of various youth networks (8 teams of 4 youth and 1 adult mentor—all recruited by the Embassy) and connect them with experts in cultural heritage to build inter-generational teams that will work together before, during, and after the Tech Camp to address cultural heritage challenges in their communities.

The deadline to submit applications for this program is 25-Jul-21.

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