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Which grant focuses on delivering equal rights for LGBTI persons?

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Bucharest has launched an open call for project applications within its delegated Human Rights Fund that focuses on awareness-raising on LGBTI rights.

Other focus areas are:

  • Freedom of expression and internet freedom  activities focusing on investigative journalism; access to data and information; the fight against fake news and disinformation;
  • Freedom of religion or belief – activities focusing on the promotion of tolerance and awareness raising on freedom of religion or belief;
  • Equal rights for women and girls – activities focusing on the fight against trafficking in human beings; the fight against domestic violence; the promotion of gender mainstreaming in decision-making related to public policies; the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights; the promotion of women’s political participation.

The deadline to submit applications for this program is 30-Apr-21.

For more information, visit here

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