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What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising, more commonly known as P2P fundraising is a fundraising strategy that leverages the networks of donors or supporters to raise funds for an organization. This strategy works well for many organizations that have an active base of supporters or donors. It essentially involves equipping the existing donors or supporters to raise funds on your behalf from their networks. You would need to provide them with the relevant information, set goals, assist them in making the ask or answer any queries, keep them motivated and incentivize raising more/ getting more connections. The key advantages of a P2P approach are that it is cost-effective, can be highly engaging, and can lead to stronger relationships with donors and supporters.

P2P Fundraising requires a lot of effort around engagement strategy for your supporters. Best practices include training and equipping them to raise funds, providing them with resources like data/ templates, sharing frequent campaign updates, incentivizing them to motivate them, and acknowledging and rewarding their efforts.

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