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My Non-profit is looking for a grant to enhance Morocco’s Public Health Capacity, can you help?

Hi, yes why not, The Bureau of International Security-Nonproliferation has announced the applications to enhance Morocco’s Public Health Capacity Activity.

ISN/CTR sponsors foreign assistance activities and focuses on mitigating weapons of mass destruction and related delivery systems threats from proliferator states and non-state actors.  ISN/CTR’s national security mission includes mitigating global biological threats by minimizing the access of proliferator states and non-state actors to biological expertise, materials (e.g., high consequence pathogens, and dual-use equipment, and scientific expertise that could be misused to conduct biological weapons attacks against the United States, U.S. allies, or U.S. interests abroad.

Under this funding opportunity, ISN/CTR seeks to fund activities that support the refurbishment of an international biomedical research institute in Casablanca, Morocco. When completed, the refurbishment will enhance Morocco’s capacity in public health and enable the institute to continue to serve as a reference laboratory for the Africa CDC, and as a regional molecular diagnostics, public health, and biosecurity resource.

The deadline to submit applications for this program is 5-Jul-21.

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