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May I know if there is an opportunity for beginner artists to promote their art globally?

Hey friend, you will be glad to know that Toi Art Gallery has launched the 2021 Artist Contest to promote his/her art worldwide.

Toi Art Gallery is an online art gallery that sells fine art prints and features artists from all over the world. Established in 2015 in California, Toi Art Gallery has been steadily growing, carefully curating artworks by artists from different parts of the globe and creating a community of art lovers. They are proud to represent and facilitate that connection.

Contract with Toi Art Gallery for 6 months to a year. Artist will receive 40% of the net sales of the prints and the finalist’s work will be published in Toi’s social media and other venues social media and magazines to be determined.

Art belongs to the artist; prints will be sold exclusively at Toi Art Gallery for the length of the contract. Artist participation in Toi is subjected to signing the contract.

The deadline for submitting the entries is 20-Oct-21.

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