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May I know about grants that focus on Environment & Conservation?

Hi, here’s the list of grants that focuses on the Environment & Conservation:

DLR Environment, Energy & Health Challenge
Deadline: 19-Jul-21
Applications are now open for the DLR Environment, Energy & Health Challenge to look for innovative solutions that use Earth observation data to support the sustainable management of our limited natural resources and foster human well-being…[more]

ClimateScience Olympiad 2021 on Solutions to Climate Change
Deadline: 1-Aug-21
The ClimateScience is inviting eligible applicants for its 2021 Olympiad program. The ClimateScience is a global charity creating and providing educational resources on solutions to climate change to 100,000s of people worldwide…[more]

USAID: Broad Agency Announcement for Sustainable Landscapes
Deadline: 24-Sep-22
The Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) seeks opportunities to co-create, co-design, co-invest, and collaborate in the research, development, piloting, and scaling of innovative interventions for reducing land-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and…[more]

Call for Proposals: Conflict and Climate change Challenge for Peace Building
Deadline: 25-Jun-21
The European Commission is calling for proposals for the Conflict and climate change Challenge for Peace Building to support security initiatives and peace-building activities in partner countries…[more]

Submit Applications for 2022 World Biodiversity Forum
Deadline: 18-Jul-21
The University of Zurich, bioDiscovery and URPP Global Change and Biodiversity is pleased to invite you to contribute to the 2nd edition of the World Biodiversity Forum!…[more]

Submit Applications for GET.invest Finance Catalyst Renewable Energy Projects
Deadline: 15-June-21
Applications are now open for the GET.invest Finance Catalyst that links renewable energy projects and companies with finance opportunities and vice versa, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy opportunities, currently in sub-Saharan Africa, the…[more]

Call for Applications for Distributed Renewable Energy
Deadline: 18-Jun-21
U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (“DFC”) is launching a Call for Applications from private sector entities seeking support for distributed renewable energy (DRE)-related investments in DFC-eligible emerging market countries via equity financing…[more]

Submit Nominations for RELX Environmental Challenge 2021
Deadline: 4-Jul-21
Entries are now open for the RELX Environmental Challenge, it is a skill-based competition in which participants are asked to submit proposals outlining innovative ideas that advance access to safe water and/or sanitation where access is presently at risk…[more]

Volvo Environment Prize of USD160,000: Submit Nominations for 2022
Deadline: 10-Jan-22
Nominations are now open for the 2022 Volvo Environment Prize to reward outstanding scientific discoveries or innovations broadly falling within the environmental sphere…[more]

Nominations Open for HESI Innovation Prize 2021
Deadline: 30-Jun-21
Nominations are now open for Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) Innovation Prize 2021 to protect the health of patients, the public, and the environment…[more]

Nominations Open for Children’s Climate Prize 2021
Deadline: 4-Jun-21
Nominations are now open for the Children’s Climate Prize 2021 to support young people’s actions for the environment and the climate…[more]

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