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I am an LGBTIQ activist who is looking forward to a grant in my respected field, could you update me?

Yes, an announcement has been made of a program which is exactly of your interest, Rainbow Advocacy Program (RAP), implemented with kind support of ILGA World and Sida, is a 13-month-long fellowship for LGBTIQ+ activists from Global South and East to affect change at home through UN advocacy.

The program is visionary as well as unique in its approach to combining both the human rights and the development frameworks, especially the Agenda 2030. Participants will gain hands-on advocacy experience by engaging with UN processes, learning from experts and peers, and by implementing an advocacy project in their constituencies.

This one is a unique opportunity for underrepresented LGBTIQ activists from the Global South and East to learn, network, collaborate and gain hands-on experience in UN advocacy.

With this situation in mind, RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer rights, has initiated the Rainbow Advocacy Program (RAP) aiming to address some of the manifold gaps and challenges. The program is informed by the results of the pre-study, which included an online survey, desk research, and in-depth discussions with Global South and East LGBTIQ activists and other relevant actors. Read More 

The deadline to submit applications for this program is 28-Feb-2021. 

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