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How is ASEAN Foundation contributing to climate action?

The ASEAN Foundation in collaboration with SAP, GIZ, and Common Purpose has announced its newest programme – the ASEAN Young Climate Leaders Programme (ASEAN YCLP).

The programme creates an opportunity for young people to share and exchange ideas on sustainability, environment, and climate action-related issues in the ASEAN region and collaborate with others to resolve the issues.

Climate change has been known as an alarming transnational issue that requires global cooperation of all countries and this effort is shown through the Paris Agreement. ASEAN countries have also collaborated through the ASEAN Strategic Plan on Environment, guided by the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community 2025 (ASCC 2025), because of the long-term consequences they have for economic growth and the welfare of their people within the region.

Young people across the world have voiced out their concerns and opinions for climate justice, knowing that future is impossible if they keep on thinking that “planet B” exists.

With a young mind like Greta Thunberg, leading international climate strikes, has shown the possibilities of youths to lead the fight they can win. This is an opportunity for YOU, who are passionate and creative enough, to be a climate leader.

The last date to submit applications is 31-Oct-21.

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