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Could you compile and update the top research grants for NGOs? 

Research grant

Please go through these below-mentioned Research Grants, it might help.

UNESCO: $10,000 Youth Research Grant

Deadline: 18-Apr-21

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with the support of the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, has launched the ‘Silk Roads Youth Research Grant’ within the framework of the Social and Human Sciences Sector…[more]

National Geographic Society: COVID-19 Science Fund

Deadline: 31-Mar-21

The National Geographic Society has announced the COVID-19 Science Fund to provide solutions to the situations created or magnified by the pandemic, thereby helping us to understand and address the challenges and changes of living in a COVID-19 world…[more]

Ekhagastiftelsen Foundation’s Grants to Promote Human Health

Deadline: 20-May-2021

The Ekhagastiftelsen Foundation is offering grants to promote human health by supporting the development of better food, natural medicines, and healing practices, and to support research for a healthier way of life, which in itself may have a disease preventive effect…[more]

2022 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW) – 10th Round

Deadline: 31 December 2021

Entries are now open for the 2022 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW), it is an international award focusing on water-related scientific innovation and judged by leading scientists from around the world…[more]

BCSDN announces Call for Proposals for Ad-Hoc Support Grants Program

Deadline: 30-Jun-2021

The Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) has announced a call for proposals for the Ad-Hoc Support Grants Program. Ad-hoc support is an instrument established to provide rapid funding for a CSO’s immediate need or for innovation to promote civic space ONLY when there is insufficient time to operate through the standard grant award procedure…[more]

USAID: Broad Agency Announcement for Sustainable Landscapes

Deadline: 24-Sep-2022

The Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) seeks opportunities to co-create, co-design, co-invest, and collaborate in the research, development, piloting, and scaling of innovative interventions for reducing land-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing long-term carbon sequestration at scale…[more]

Call for Project Outlines on Sustainable Recovery

Deadline: 10-Mar-2021

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) has launched a new funding round of the thematic selection procedure under the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The slogan for the new funding round is, therefore ‘Creating Green Societies in Challenging Times’, which reflects that the funding is to support these countries handle the crisis. It is also increasingly clear the contribution made to sustainable economic recovery through climate action, adaptation to climate change and biodiversity conservation…[more]

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